Monday 23 April 2007

Microsoft is going to port .NET to other platforms?

Microsoft is going to announce something very interesting at Mix07. Well at least half of the .NET world has been talking about that for last 2 months. Today in the morning I listened to the Scott Hanselman's podcast and taking into account what I've heard I bet that the announcment will be related to the Silverlight (AKA WPF\E) which is Microsoft framework for building rich Internet applications. It will change the way we perceive Microsoft. What do I mean?  I think they may have decided to port some pieces of .NET to other platforms to enable developers to write C# code instead of JavaScript code in XAML based web applications. Maybe that's my dream only, well we will see.

Monday 16 April 2007

You are not an ecosystem your are only a part of it

It looks like Microsoft has finally understood that they are only a part of the .NET ecosystem. They used to think that every single .NET piece must come from them which is not obtainable and doesn't bring any value. But recently I've seen a few blog posts (for example Scott Guthrie) and a few podcasts (for example Daniel Simmons) where Microsoft employees freely mentioned OpenSource projects and how they fit into what Microsoft is trying to achieve. At last.