Sunday 30 September 2007

A great .NET architect - Udi Dahan - is waiting for our invitation

I hope Philip or Clare or one of the other guys who run MTUG will be able to invite for free (via INETA) Udi Dahan. I've been reading his blog for over a year and I have to admit that this guy is just brilliant. All he is interested in is architecture that is technology agnostic. It's really something unique these days when so many people rush to use the latest technology because they think it will automagically solve their problems which we all know is not true :).

Friday 21 September 2007

Short explanation why VS 2008 is going to be of much better quality then VS 2005

Emma Williams is talking about how and why Microsoft has changed the way they develop Visual Studio. My favorite change is feature teams. The feature team is a small team of a few people that are responsible for delivery of a feature. The team comprises of developers, testers and project/product managers. They all work very closely together until they deliver which makes them emotionally bound to their task and that's good. There is nothing worse then a bunch of people who don't care what they work on. If testers wait for developers to be finished and then developers wait for testers to be finished and so on then every person works on its own without any notion of being part of a team. If you hear a few times a day "who cares", "I don't care" or "I don't give a s..." then unfortunately most likely you work in such an environment. BTW she was born in Ireland :).

You can't get rid of memory leaks

There are still people out there who think that by having GC they don't have to bother about memory leaks. Well that's not entirely true. I would even say that's a false statement. Next time someone says something like that I will send him/her to Mike Stall

Sunday 16 September 2007

Voice of the Silverlight team in Dublin

Martha Rotter will be presenting Silverlight in Dublin on 27th of September. It might be interesting, depends how deep she wants to dive :).

Wednesday 5 September 2007


I'm just back from London where I had really great time with my friends that live in a squat and are busy with their small independent theater. But the thing I want to talk about is the public transport in Dublin. We all know that it sucks but only when you go a city like London you realize how bad it is. To make a long story short it's enough to say that if Dublin was as big as London I would probably have to spent 6 hours on a bus from Cherrywood to the Dublin Airport.

Windows XP - no memory and no CPU required :)

This has happened to me a few times recently. My PC is equipped with 4GB of RAM and every time I use more then 2.5 GB XP starts being unpredictable. Needless to say that actually I was running 5 of 6 VS.NET 2005 instances at that time which more then likely consumed some resources :)