Tuesday 26 June 2007

What kind of software development have you experienced?

Scott Berkun published his list of unofficial software methodologies :). Regarding these mentioned by him I've experienced: ADD, CDD, CYAE . Don't forget to check comments, especially: NMP, CPM and NIH.

Silverlight is getting smaller and smaller...

The BCL team has announced that they've removed quite a few collections from the Silverlight version of the framework. It makes prefect sense to remove all non-generic classes but I can get why they've removed Stack<T> and Queue<T> as well. These 2 are very useful and people should not write them from scratch. That defeats the whole purpose of the .NET framework - leverage it. I don't know all the numbers but I can imagine it wouldn't harm Silverlight if they left them.

Wednesday 20 June 2007

Friday 1 June 2007

Irish Microsoft Technology Conference - go there to see people

Irish Microsoft Technology Conference is taking place next week. Though it's an overview what's out there in terms of Microsoft technology and thus there are not many sessions that explains things in depth it's worth going there. I can see really great speakers there that can reveal a few secrets having a pint with you :). I'm off to Spain for two weeks thus I will miss this conference.

How the relationship between Apple and Microsoft has developed over the past 25 years

Check out this video.