Tuesday 1 May 2007

My .NET goes to other platforms prediction was right

I was right :). I've just seen a channel 9 video with Scott Guthrie talking about how Microsoft ported nearly the whole .NET to Mac OS X and made it possible to host it inside IE, Firefox and Safari. It's just awesome. At last I will be able to write everywhere using my favourite language which of course is C#. A few snippets just in case you are to lazy to watch it:

The ported .NET framework has but is not limited to following features:

  • CLR runtime which means that VB.NET guys are not out of the game ;)
  • Garbage Collector
  • Threading support
  • Network stack support
  • LINQ
  • A little bit trimmed Base Class Library, for example COM interop is gone which makes perfect sense
  • The same format of binaries as in full .NET framework
  • The same namespaces as in full .NET framwork
  • Cross platform process debugging
  • Based on .NET 3.5

Scott leads a great team of engineers at Microsoft that seems (thank God) to pay no attention to their Marketing department. All I can say is keep doing this !!!!


  1. If I can write code in C# and run it everywhere why should I choose Windows?

  2. I don't know why. It's up to you what you choose though the selection is at the moment as broad as Win and Mac :)