Friday 13 January 2006

Java is great language but teaching ONLY Java is bad idea.

Joel’s article says that teaching Java is bad idea. Many people have disagreed because according to them every language is equally good. I think they didn’t catch the main idea that is behind the article. Java isn't good because it doesn’t require you to think too much. You don’t have to know what happens under the hood when you write particular line of code. In this case C or even C++ is much better. I agree you have to have some knowledge in order to write a program but to be honest very often if your code compiles then it works. Of course it can be slow, memory consuming and crash encountering marginal conditions but it will work more or less. From business point of view Java and C# are great languages but I think that you still HAVE to know what is really going on when you write code. IT systems are almost everywhere and they are taking over more and more human activities in many fields. Maybe I am wrong but I would NOT like to find out software bug at the moment when my life/future/animal/money/t-shirt is fully dependent on it.