Saturday 19 August 2006

Sunday 13 August 2006

How to manage your IT people

Joel has written about of how to manage people. Two of them( The Command and Control Management Method, The Econ 101 Management Method) fail in terms of IT people but there is at least one(The Identity Management Method) that seems to be promising. I've experienced these two wrong approaches and I completely agree that they don't work. I've experienced the good one as well but only partially. My direct boss tried to apply the Identity method but his boss decided to go for the Econ 101 method. That was a strange kind of mix which was really confusing. I hope I will experience in the future more of the Identity method in its neat and proper form :)

Extensible compiler framework from Microsoft

I've heard a few times about Phoenix project and I decided to check it out just to see how it works. And it looks promising because it's arichtecture is extensible. It seems that if you have the grammar of a language in a notation that yacc and lex accept then you don't have to write any single line of code in order to get fully blown compiler because the output of yacc&lex is a valid input data for Phoenix that offers optimization and native code generation modules out of the box. What is more we can plug in every step of the compilation process to do some specific processing. I wish I could use it in my professional life.

Sunday 6 August 2006

Interesting videos on channel 9

First one explains what ADO.NET entity framework is and it is really good because Charles asked a few hard/interesting questions. Second one is about CCR (Concurrency and Coordination Runtime) where Jeffrey Richter and George Chrysanthakopoulos present the new incarnation of the runtime. They haven't changed the internals of it they've just improved public API. Well they think they've done it. I still think that they are far from perfect. If the main class that is used in nearly every statement is a static one then something is wrong.

Friday 4 August 2006

Launch your applications in completly new way

Over to Scott who prepared a small comparision of tools that make our life way much easier. My favourite one is Launchy .