Monday 26 February 2007

Performance Architect Rico Mariani on channel9

The interview is great because it shows how to approach performance problems and how to talk about them to other people.

Below my favorite snippet from the interview.

"If you aren't measuring you aren't engineering"

Sunday 25 February 2007

Blog Tag - 5 Things You Don't Know About Me

I've been tagged by Michal Osmenda and here you go:
  1. I have no iPod because if I have let’s say 2 devices/toys then I immediately loose one of them. I suppose iPhone can solve my problem.
  2. I used to professionally practice swimming. When I was a child I qualified to the final of Polish National Swimming Championships.
  3. I started programming when I was 15 because swimming took over my whole free time before. Some people say that it was late but I disagree. Not quantity but quality matters :)
  4. I think that the best way of travelling is to stay in a target place for at least 1 year.
  5. I love Guinness and I hate Whisky.

Friday 23 February 2007

The best possible .NET documentation

Of course I'm talking about Reflector 5.0 that I use on daily basis and to be honest I don't really need the official MSDN documentation any more :)

Saturday 17 February 2007

Rihno Mocks 3.0 on the horizon

Ayende never sleeps :) which is good because a new release of his great tool Rhino Mocks will be released shortly. Check that out!

Thursday 15 February 2007

How lack of attention/professionalism can constrain your business

I've been trying to purchase a mobile phone from O2 website since last Sunday. Only today I've finally figured out how to complete it. What was the problem? My delivery address was too long but the website didn't say a word about that. Every time I tried I got the same generic error message: "Unfortunately we are currently unable to process your transaction. Please try again later. "  The whole process consists of 5 steps and delivery address is typed during the 2. step and the error appears when the final confirmation button has been pressed. I'm still shocked by the fact that there is not validation of delivery address in terms of its length and that it prevents some users from's just unbelievable

Monday 12 February 2007

Quo vadis C#?

The video doesn't provide any specifics but shows what directions the programming language architects in Microsoft are interested in. I like the idea that they are willing to introduce new features but there is no rush :).


Friday 9 February 2007

VS.NET finally targets multiple environements

Have a look at Scott's review of the most important new features/improvements of Orcas. Finally Microsoft decided to support more then only one environment which means they are listening to us :)